Sheriff Salazar Hiding Information in Deputy Misconduct Incident

photo of faked police vehicle
Fake police vehicle photo from KSAT 12


Deputy Uses Private Vehicle to Pull People Over

A Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputy was stopped and questioned last night after an NISD Police Officer observed the deputy make two traffic stops. The police officer noted that the deputy was in a vehicle that had police equipment but did not have the identifying information on the side of the vehicle. The police officer approached the deputy to ask him what he was doing and became concerned when the deputy refused to identify himself and “acted inappropriately and suspicious” as stated in the KSAT video. However, Dillon Collier from KSAT 12 does not specify what was done that was inappropriate or suspicious and it’s doubtful that the police gave him those details.

The deputy has been identified as a courthouse security deputy which means he is on the law enforcement side of the Sheriff’s Office and that he is a peace officer. We were also told that he is an 18 year veteran, that he was placed in custody for a short period of time then released with no charges filed. And we know that the vehicle was driven off by a law enforcement officer. (You can read the article for more details and watch the video by clicking the above link).

Sheriff Salazar Ignoring Danger Deputy Posed to the Public

The Sheriff’s Office is not releasing information on the deputy nor have they released a picture of him. They have released the following,

“At this time we are asking the public to contact the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Public Integrity Unit at (210)335-5124 or email who may have been stopped by this BCSO Deputy between 12 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. near Loop 410 and Culebra Rd to Culebra Rd and Reed Rd.”

This is beyond crazy. The Sheriff’s Office has limited the time frame of the problem to a 30 minute window. The vehicle turned out NOT to be a law enforcement vehicle but rather a personal vehicle registered to the deputy. Does anyone believe that this person spent that kind of money, and went through that much effort, for a one night event?  He even had a cage partition in the back portion like a regular county law enforcement vehicle would have. Who was he planning on putting in there? Where was he planning on taking them? He knew he couldn’t take them to Bexar County Jail since policy does not allow him to make traffic stops on his personal time and in his personal vehicle.

If the Sheriff’s Office released a photo of the individual along with the man’s name, how many people would come forward to tell their story? How much would we find out about this deputy? But perhaps that’s exactly what Sheriff Salazar is trying to avoid and why they will not tell us anything about him. If it turns out that this deputy was harassing, coercing or even assaulting people, the Sheriff would get negative press, again. But if he keeps it quiet they can just make this officer quit. After all, he is a peace officer which means he can legally pull people over. His violation, at this time, is a violation of Sheriff’s Office policy, not a violation of the law, and they can play it that way as long as they don’t get more information. If they can just quietly fire him and make him go away they can keep it out of the papers, at a minimum, until after the elections.

I know the Sheriff’s Office will say he wasn’t arrested which is why they aren’t releasing information on him but technically he was arrested even if he wasn’t charged and booked. That aside, this is a case of public safety. We don’t know how long he has been doing this. We don’t know where else he has run his scam or to what purpose. Those are things the public needs to know. We need to find out if there are victims out there and what this man was really doing. All I can think about is that cage portion in the back of his fake law enforcement SUV and what he wanted to use it for.

Bexar County Jail Stats – 150 Positive for Coronavirus

As expected, the number of people positive for the coronavirus at the Bexar County Jail has jumped drastically now that testing is being done on everyone. The new number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Bexar County Jail is now 150. This number will continue to rise as they continue to work their way through testing staff and inmates.

According to KSAT 12, the number of inmates positive for the virus was now 98 and the number of deputies who were positive had risen to 41. Since they didn’t mention any other groups we figure the following from their April 28 update is still correct,

“…one video visitation civilian employee, one dispatcher, one laundry tech, one Bexar County facilities maintenance employee, one Bexar County fleet maintenance employee, one Aramark employee, and 5 UHS employees have tested positive for COVID-19.”

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