Security Guard Shot & Killed Over Face Mask

photo of Calvin Munerlyn
Calvin Munerlyn in group photo

Officers and Security Guards at Risk

We just wrote an article about the threat the Oath Keepers made against law enforcement officers and how dangerous the atmosphere is for officers, or anyone else, who has a responsibility to enforce governmental laws and rules. It’s only the second day after we posted that article and now a security guard has been shot and killed.

Calvin Munerlyn was a security guard at a Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan. The store required that patrons wear a face mask. Mr. Munerlyn observed a female who did not have a mask and asked her to leave, also instructing the cashier not to provide service. The woman argued but left in an SUV. Approximately 20 minutes later the SUV returned. Two men, the husband and adult son of the woman entered the store and confronted Munerlyn. The husband stated that Munerlyn had disrespected his wife and shot him in the back of the head. The two males then fled. The woman has been taken into custody and police are looking for the two men.

People Pushed Toward Violence

What happened to Mr. Munerlyn is exactly the kind of thing we spoke about in our article. When you have people agitating others, encouraging them to be angry, telling them that they are being sheep if they don’t act, then it’s no surprise when violence does occur. Groups like the Oath Keepers have encourage disaffected people to join their groups. These are people that need to feel like they belong somewhere. They feel helpless in their everyday life. Not necessarily physically helpless but helpless against the tide of whatever they feel is wrong with society. They join these types of groups to get reaffirmation that they are right and it’s the rest of the world that is out of step. That reaffirmation becomes righteousness, in their minds, which encourages them to act on whatever it is that angers them. Guess what. This is no different than street gangs. They don’t see themselves as that but they are really no better.

These anti-government groups are a huge problem on their own but they also encourage other disaffected people. When a crowd of discontented people are together the leaders of the group can whip them into a frenzy. You’ve probably seen the supposedly peaceful  protests (see video below) that officers have had to deal with. The anger generated in a mob setting will eventually encourage someone to go a step further. People watching it on TV who may already not like officers, will be encouraged to go a step further. The FBI just arrested a Colorado man who was going to one of these armed protests. I imagine they got a tip but the man was arrested for having pipe bombs and bomb making material in his home. Tell me someone like that won’t be willing to cause harm.

Just as a reminder, on March 4 there were 11 deaths. On April 4 there were 8,175 deaths and on May 4 there were 68,442 deaths. And we haven’t plateaued yet. There’s a valid reason for staying home, wearing face masks and social distancing.

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