San Antonio Police Officer Arrested for Raping Woman

SAPD officer, Humberto Zuniga, arrested for rape
Humberto Zuniga

SAPD Officer Arrested for Sexual Assault

An officer with the San Antonio Police Department, was arrested for sexual assault on Wednesday. According to various news articles, Officer Humberto Zuniga had been speaking to a woman he had met on a dating website. After several months of talking the woman finally agreed to go to his apartment to meet him. Once there they engaged in normal social activity that included drinking and dancing. Zuniga eventually asked the woman for sex, which she refused. Per KSAT, “He “told her he did not care,” pushed her on a bed and sexually assaulted her, the affidavit states.”

According to, “The woman told police that she repeatedly asked him to stop but he ignored her, so she grabbed a knife and cut Zuniga’s bicep in an effort to get him off her, the affidavit said. Zuniga finally stopped and then drove her home.” The 22 year old woman was initially too afraid to report the attack since Zuniga told her “not to call the police ‘because no one would believe her.'”  The attack happened on July 31. The victim was able to get the courage to come foreward and reported the incident to the police. While being questioned, Zuniga denied there was any sexual contact but investigators took note of the cut on his arm.

History of Aggression Toward Women

This incident was not a first for Zuniga. In 2015 Zuniga was having financial difficulties. According to,

“‘(The woman) allowed Zuniga to transfer more than $8,000 in debt onto one of her credit cards to help him reduce his interest burden, but Officer Zuniga refused to repay the money after their break-up, resulting in the lawsuit,’ suspension paperwork said.”

The woman filed a civil lawsuit against Zuniga to get the money he owed her. In retaliation, Zuniga sent a friend to tell her that he would “send sexually explicit videos of his ex-girlfriend to her friends and family if she refused to drop a civil lawsuit against him.” The records on the case note that Zuniga said that the sexually explicit videos, “would make good Mother’s Day gifts.”

Union to the Rescue?

According to,

“In Texas, the concepts concerning blackmail and extortion are similar, but important differences exist between the two. Blackmail happens when an individual threatens to reveal or expose information about the victim or his or her family that’s potentially humiliating, incriminating, or socially destructive unless a demand for services, property, or money is involved.”

By the definition they give it sure sounds as if Humberto Zuniga engaged in the crime of Blackmail, yet the only punishment Zuniga recieved was a 5-day suspension. Though nothing is mentioned in the article, I have to conclude that this was another case where the San Antonio Police Officers Association, their union, helped to keep Zuniga from facing any real consequences for his crime. Not only does it appear that no charges were filed but he barely got a slap on the wrist for his criminal activity.


41-year old Humberto Zuniga was arrested on Wednesday. He was charged with Sexual Assault with the bond set at $60,000. He has been placed on administrative leave while the case is being investigated.

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