Salazar Uses Murder for Propaganda

Sheriff Salazar
Sheriff Javier Salazar photo by KSAT 12

Saturday morning Aaron Toney strangled his wife then called for help and naturally Salazar had to use this tragedy to get in front of the news cameras to speak about what happened, the increase in family violence and what he’s doing about it.

Murder Investigation

Toney was covered in blood from several cuts.  According to Salazar, “I believe those were self-inflicted in the aftermath of the homicide itself.”  As we’ve pointed out before, Salazar always has to make it about himself.  “I believe…”  How does he know that?  Did he go inspect the suspect himself?  If so, why?  That’s not his job.  Get the heck out of the way and let the investigators do their jobs.  If he didn’t personally inspect Toney, then was he told by the investigators that those cuts appeared to be self-inflicted?  If so, then why is he taking credit, again, for the work his officers are doing?

Increase in Family Violence

According to Salazar, family violence homicides have almost tripled this year compared to last year.  He calls it a “troubling trend.”  Then he makes this statement, “This brings us to about six family violence related homicides in unincorporated Bexar County this year.”  So Salazar got in front of the cameras knowing he was going to be talking about family violence homicides.  He pretended it was a big concern for him but then he can’t be sure how many there have been?  “This brings us to about…”  Really?  About?  Couldn’t he have looked into this before he ran to get in front of the cameras?  Was six too high a number for him to remember?

What Salazar is Going to Do About Family Violence Homicide

So Salazar either is getting in the way of a murder investigation or taking credit for the work his officers are doing.  He is trying to con the citizens of Bexar County into thinking he takes the increase in family violence homicides seriously while not even sure how many there have been.  But at least he wants to do something about it, right?

According to the KSAT 12 video, “Salazar says they hope to prevent more cases like this in what he calls, a ‘troubling trend.'”  Okay, so what are you going to do about it?  How are you going to prevent them?  You don’t have enough deputies to sufficiently patrol their areas but you are somehow going to watch what is going on inside a family’s home?  Are you saying you know which households are likely to commit a family violence homicide or are you saying you will be watching every single household in unincorporated Bexar County?

If you think you can prevent family violence homicides, why didn’t you prevent this one?  Can you give us some specifics about what you are doing to stop this type of crime?  Because saying you are ‘hoping’ to prevent them is no better than the trite comments about thoughts and prayers we so often hear, and has the same lack of effect.

If Sheriff Salazar doesn’t have some kind of plan to combat family violence homicides, then why did he say they hope to prevent more cases like that?  Unfortunately, I would have to say Sheriff Salazar’s comment was just more propaganda.  He’s trying to fool people into believing he is addressing a problem when the reality is he just used the murder of an innocent woman to get in front of the cameras to hype himself.

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