Rebuttal to Article

On Friday, February 22nd, published an astounding opinion piece on Sheriff Salazar.  With all the problems that the jail has been experiencing since Salazar took over MySa wrote an article titled, “Give Sheriff Time to Fix Agency”.  That’s crazy.  When have they ever done that for another sheriff?  Why are they doing it for Salazar?

Under Salazar, in 2018, 23 deputies were arrested and 7 inmates escaped, 3 of which were murder suspects.  According to MySa these problems have “deep roots”.  The implication being they have been there a long time.  We have been writing this blog for several years, long before Salazar, and we have not recorded a year that bad under any other sheriff.  Why are the problems that happened in the second year of Salazar’s term the fault of other sheriffs?

According to the article the sheriff deserves a long runway.  The Sheriff’s Office has changed sheriffs every 4 years for, at a minimum, the past 16 years.  Why didn’t any of the other sheriffs deserve a long runway?  I have to seriously question the impartiality of whoever wrote the article.  In fact, it comes across as if the writer has a definite agenda.  The writer says the Sheriff only took office 2 years ago.  See?  Such a short time ago.

But there are other ways to say that.  Remember, he only has a 4 year term.  You could say he is in his third year or that he is more than half way through his term and still doesn’t have a handle on the problems, in fact, seems to be making them worse.  But no.  The writer goes with the phrase that sounds most beneficial towards Salazar.  I wonder why?  The really crazy part is through the whole article the writer pushes the idea that it’s not the Sheriff’s fault then ends the article by saying he is taking responsibility (he owns it).

So here’s the reality.  Salazar has implemented some programs but the majority of officers arrested where people who did something stupid at the time such as DWI or assault.  Though some were, most were not people who were involved in long-term or continuing criminal acts.  Investigation will catch the second group but it won’t catch the first, which are the majority.  So Salazar’s comment that the arrests are because of him aggressively rooting out corruption is at best, an exaggeration.

Salazar has done nothing to take responsibility.  His strongest ability is to play the media.  Each time a significant problem has come up he has found a scapegoat to execute to appease the media gods and to pretend he’s doing something of consequence.  What a joke.

To whoever wrote that opinion piece, you missed the mark by a mile.

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