Reality Check

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There is so much disinformation out that people don’t know what to think anymore. We’ve decided to periodically throw out some random facts to keep you informed.

Fact 1

An historic vote to make Washington D.C. a state was held, and passed, in the House on Friday. Washington D.C. does not have representation in Congress. D.C. has a higher population, over 700,000 residents, than both Wyoming and Vermont. Washington D.C. has a higher bond rating than 35 states and they pay higher federal taxes than 22 states. Yet they have no one to advocate for their rights. Our country started a war over taxation without representation but seems to have no problem putting our own citizens into that same position. It’s time for statehood for Washington D.C.

Fact 2

When a lawsuit is filed it is not settled immediately. It can take years for the case to be litigated. In 2018 the City of New York had to pay out almost $230,000,000 for abuses by members of the New York Police Department over the previous five years. 230 million dollars! That’s almost a quarter of a billion. Yes, change is needed in our law enforcement agencies.

Fact 3

The current administration has accused the past administration of not leaving a plan and ‘leaving the shelves empty’ in regards to medical supplies to help fight the coronavirus. Now we find out that the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) had 16,660 ventilators. Those ventilators were not fully distributed to our hospitals who needed them; however, America did send ventilators to Russia.

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