Reality Check

Facts Matter

There is so much disinformation out that people don’t know what to think anymore. We’ve decided to periodically throw out some random facts to keep you informed.

Fact 1

The attack against the D.C protesters by the National Guard, cost tax payers $21,000,000. – Economist Robert Reich 

“In the past 4 months, the U.S. has added 29 more billionaires. In the past 4 months, the U.S. has lost more than 44 million jobs.” – Economist Robert Reich

Fact 2

Nazi symbolism keeps popping up on the right. In 2016 it showed up in a tweeted image of Hillary Clinton. Next to it was a six-pointed star (Star of David) and inside the star were the words, “Most corrupt candidate ever!” Nazis forced Jews to wear a yellow, six-pointed star identifying them as Jews.

Now in 2020,  we see the use of the upside down red triangle. This is another symbol that was used by Nazis. It indicated that the person was a political prisoner. Facebook took down the ads featuring the red nabla because it violated their hate speech prohibitions.

At what point do we accept that this is not accidental?

Fact 3

Texas conservatives became incensed when, according to them, there was intel on Antifa planning to come to San Antonio to tear down the Alamo. A call to arms was sent out to protect the Alamo. No destruction crews ever showed up and no credible evidence that the attack against the Alamo was even made, has been found. The most anyone has found is that “…some of the supposed evidence appears to have come from an InfoWars guest and a statement from a QAnon conspiracy theorist.”

Fact 4

A mistake was made in the contract between the Chicago police union and the city. The contract stated that complaints against officers would be destroyed after 5 years. This is in violation of state law that requires the preservation of pertinent records. The union has continued to push its case through the courts, losing at every level. They appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court. On June 18, the Illinois Supreme Court sided with the lower courts in upholding the retention of the complaints against officers, dealing another loss to the Chicago police union.

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