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Facts Matter

There is so much disinformation out that people don’t know what to think anymore. We’ve decided to periodically throw out some random facts to keep you informed.

Fact 1

“Of the top 15 most populous U.S. cities, Austin has the highest per capita rate of fatal mental health-related police shootings: According to a 2018 city audit, a third of the 24 people killed in police shootings from 2010 through 2016 had confirmed mental health conditions, compared to a national average of  22 percent. Since 2008, APD reported a 95 percent increase in mental health-related calls. The audit suggests that Austin’s rapid growth has outpaced its resources, partially explaining the elevated rate of mental health-related police shootings.”

Fact 2

bar graph of Los Angeles budget
Los Angeles Budget

To the right is the proposed budget for Los Angeles. If three billion sounds like a lot to you then you haven’t seen the budget for the New York Police Department. It’s just shy of six billion. While a few people may mean to completely defund police forces, the majority mean to take some of that money and put it towards various social programs like mental health. Nobody, even police, wants police having to act like mental health social workers.

Fact 3

The Civil War ended in 1865. American citizens instigating a war against the United States was an act of treason. The confederacy lost. The confederate flag is a treasonous, loser’s flag. 155 years later and there are still southerners who cherish the confederate flag and refuse to assimilate. Ironic that failure to assimilate is frequently one of their complaints against immigrants.

NASCAR has banned the confederate flag from being displayed at its races or on its property due to the negative connotation of support for slavery and racism that the flag has.

Fact 4

photo of Fox News chart
Fox News Market Data Sheet

In an unbelievable display of callousness and racism, Fox News published a chart showing how good the abuse or killing of a black man was for the stock market.


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