Reality Check

Facts Matter

There is so much disinformation out that people don’t know what to think anymore. We’ve decided to periodically throw out some random facts to keep you informed.

Fact 1

Donald Trump listed his residence as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (the White House) then, when filling out his voter registration form, listed himself as a “bona fide resident” of Palm Beach, using his Mar-a-Lago residence.

Fact 2

Dylann Roof, the white, mass murderer who said he hated black people and killed black members of a church while they were at bible study (in 2015), was calmly taken into custody. He was not beaten or tased, he did not have dogs sicced on him, nor was he shot. But he did say he was hungry so cops bought him Burger King. White privilege.

Fact 3

Black people, and people who are supporting black people are being beaten. They’re being shot with rubber bullets, pepper balls, and chemical tear gas. Their freedom of speech and freedom of assembly rights are being violated. Yet police officers appear to be protecting white supremacist groups. See video below.


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