Pullman Police Officers Facing Lawsuit

Excessive force filed against Pullman Police Officers
Treshon Broughton (YouTube capture)

Pullman police officers (Washington) are facing a lawsuit alleging excessive use of force, violation of due process and intentional  misrepresentation.  The suit stems from an incident that occurred in a convenience store.  Treshon Broughton was in the store when a clerk called 911 because of two men arguing.  It’s unclear from the article if Treshon was one of the men.  The clerk then called back to cancel the call saying the situation had been resolved.  More than likely this is why the police showed up anyway.

Broughton was asked for his I.D.  While attempting to comply Officer Shane Emerson begins to attempt to take Broughton into custody.  Broughton says he is trying to show his I.D.  Emerson says he does not care about the I.D. anymore.  The two struggle while Broughton can be seen holding what appears to be an I.D. in his hand.  Officer Emerson is joined by Officer Alex Gordon.  They wrestle Broughton to the ground, striking him several times and tase him in the back.

Broughton was accused of trying to use a fake $20 bill earlier but no fake bill was found.  Officer Emerson claimed that the force was necessary due to Broughton attempting to run away.  The video of the incident shows that never happened.  For more information click here to read TheGrio.com story.

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