Precinct 2 Soap Opera Comes to an End

Constable Barrientes-Vela
Barrientes-Vela Fights for Job

Michelle Barrientes-Vela is out as Constable of Precinct 2.  The judge in her case ruled against her lawsuit.  Commissioners Court swore in Leticia Vasquez as the new Constable of Precinct 2.  As has been happening all along, Barrientes-Vela refused to take responsibility for her own actions.  She is the one that announced her run for sheriff.  That she was ignorant of the law is her problem.  As she should know, ignorance of the law is no defense.

Barrientes-Vela tried to claim that the constituents of Precinct 2 had their votes stolen from them.  (The same whiny claim Trump is making).  No.  Their votes were not stolen.  You were elected.  That’s what their votes did.  The election is long since over.  You have now resigned your position.  Quit trying to blame your ignorance on other people.  This is not harassment.  It’s not intimidation.   It has nothing to do with you being a women.  The judge who ruled against you was a woman.  In fact, saying that it’s the good old boys that are going after you and caused this is an insult to every woman who really is facing harassment and intimidation.  What happened is all on you.  It’s no one’s fault but your own that you didn’t know what you were doing.

The citizens of Bexar County are fed up with Javier Salazar’s incompetence.  Do you really think they will pick someone who is even worse?  You will be lucky if you’re not in jail.  You have proven publicly that you make decisions with no understanding of, or regard for, the consequences.  Heck lady, you even screwed over yourself with your dumb decisions.

There were obviously a couple of high-level officers in the constable’s office who were actively aiding Barrientes-Vela’s illegal actions.  We very much hope that Constable Vasquez fires those officers.  She’s got a lot of cleaning up to do.  The last thing she needs are snakes at her back.

Quick note for all those who think the officers had no choice but to follow her orders.  They are within their rights to refuse to follow orders to perform illegal actions.

You can watch the KSAT 12 video here.  Shout out to Dillon Collier for the excellent job he did on the Barrientes-Vela disaster.

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