Precinct 2 Sinks to New Lows of Unprofessionalism

Precinct 2, under the direction of Constable Michelle Barrientes Vela, has sunk to astounding levels of unprofessionalism.  In this incident an individual, Madison Huizar, had a car accident inside of Leon Valley city limits.  Just so everyone knows, though Precinct 2 is higher up in the hierarchy, the common practice is to respect the city law enforcement agencies whose boundaries you are in.  For example, Bexar County is higher up than San Antonio Police and could technically take over a scene within San Antonio city limits but the courtesy of control of the scene is given to SAPD.  This is an extremely common practice and helps the agencies to respect each other and to work together well.

In the February 13th incident, the Constable’s Office took control of a scene and refused to release it.  Constable Barrientes Vela even approached the Leon Valley police officer saying, “You want to get original?  I am the Constable.”  The officer says fine, they can do the crash report, then attempts to turn over information to the deputy constables but they will not take the information out of his hands.  He eventually places the information on the ground and walks away.  The officer had muted his body cam while he made a phone call and doesn’t turn it back on so we can’t hear what Barrientes Vela says at a later point in the video before the officer put the paper on the ground.

What we do know is that while she may have wanted the glory of controlling the scene, her deputy constables were obviously unwilling to do the grunt work of writing up the report.  Huizar was not read her rights, a requirement under the law, and she was forced to give blood even though a blood draw warrant had not been obtained by the deputy constables.  They even asked the paramedic to do a cavity search on Huizar.  Fortunately the paramedics knew their job and refused.

Deputy constables went to the fire station to try to get statements from the firefighters and appeared to try to influence how the firefighters worded their statements.  They returned a second time and were asked to leave.  The station chief was put in the position of having to tell the deputy constable, who called to find out why they would not give more statements, that they would need to get a subpoena.

It would appear that Constable Michelle Barrientes Vela has let her position go to her head.  Perhaps instead of her silly patches that falsely claim she is the first female constable, they should instead say, “Does not play well with others.”  All kidding aside, the violations and incompetence of people who wear a badge are a danger to the general public.

Click here to read the article and to view the video of the incident.

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