Police Sergeant Fired, Charged with Aggravated Assault

Hillsborough Sheriff, Brad Chronister
Sheriff Brad Chronister

Sergeant Puts Gun to Man’s Head, Threatens Him

The Hillsborough County Jail accidentally released an inmate last week. (Boy, do we know that one here in Bexar County). They sent the wrong inmate to a treatment facility. Once the facility relized he was not the right person, they released him. They had no right to detain him. When the jail realized their mistake and that the person had been released from the treatment facility they went looking for the inmate to re-arrest him. They found him hiding behind a trailer and told him to get on the ground which he did and was then handcuffed. Someone asked him to identify himself but he didn’t respond.

This is when Sgt. Janak Amin decided to go all Rambo on the man. He pulled his gun, positioning it inches from the man’s head and said he would, “splatter his brains all over the concrete,” if he didn’t identify himself. The other officers on the scene were so alarmed that they intervened and attempted to calm Sgt. Amin down. The sergeant was told it didn’t matter, they had a touch pad to read his fingerprints and could identify him. A detective removed the individual to safety.

Officers Do the Right Thing

The officers immediately reported Sergeant Amin’s actions to their administration. Yes! This is what we expect from police officers. Not only did they stop one of their own from being abusive but they also reported the unprofessional and, in this case, criminal behavior. If this were the norm, rather than a rarity, there wouldn’t be any protests against police officers.

Sheriff Chronister Speaks Out

Sheriff Brad Chronister praised the officers for how they handled the situation. Per the Washington Post,

“It’s important to share with you that the complainants in this case are all fellow law enforcement officers who acted immediately and reported this incident,” Chronister said. “I want to thank the deputies who came forward to report this most egregious incident. We expect, we demand, that our deputies uphold the highest level of professionalism, and that means intervene when another law enforcement officer, even a supervisor, betrays the public trust and theirs.”

In regards to the individual who was arrested, Sheriff Chronister said,

“I assure you, he wasn’t being uncooperative. The bottom line is there is no reason, no rationale or justification why anyone had to point a gun at his head and threaten his life simply because he refused to identify himself.”

Sheriff Chronister comes across as the type of law enforcement officer we want, especially in a leadership position, but I do have a concern. The Sheriff said that he didn’t feel race had anything to do with this. The race of the individual is not given. I’ve only seen one other article, out of many, that said the man was Black. Regardless, I believe we can safely assume from the Sheriff’s comment that the individual is a minority. I would have felt a lot more comfortable if he said it was being looked into rather than making an immediate assumption that it wasn’t racism. In this aspect, he is falling into the same mindset that has caused the problems in the first place, the refusal to accept that racism could be a factor. You can’t root something out if you don’t even acknowledge its existance.

Sgt. Janak Amin has been with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for 21 years. As a result of this incdident he is being charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. That is a felony charge and could put him in jail for a “minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison under Florida’s 10-20-Life law.”

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