Police Officers Still in Great Danger, More Violence Anticipated

Officer Brian D. Sicknick, murdered at the capitol during the insurrection initiated by Donald Trump
Brian D. Sicknick


Capitol Police Officer Beaten to Death

(DC) – On Wednesday a segment of rightwing extremists attempted to locate and kill congressional leaders. While some capitol police appeared to be aiding the violent mobs, others stood by their oaths and fought valiantly, not knowing that high officials were blocking back-up for the officers who were being assaulted. Many officers were injured. Some were struck with metal pipes to the head. One officer, Brian D. Sicknick, was beat on the head with a fire extinguisher. Officer Sicknick continued fighting until he was able to retreat to his division’s office. Once there he collapsed. Officer Sicknick was taken to the hospital. Doctors notified the family that Officer Sicknick was brain dead. He was taken off life support on Thursday evening and died.

Officer Brian D. Sicknick

Officer Sicknick was the youngest of three sons. He was a “was a staff sergeant for the New Jersey National Guard.” According to a CNN article,

“He served as a fire team member and a leader of the 108th Security Force Squadron, 108th Wing, at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Murphy’s statement said. Sicknick’s service included two deployments — one as part of Operation Southern Watch and another as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, Murphy said.”

Officer Sicknick’s goal was to become a police officer. Nancy Pelosi has ordered the flags at the capitol to be flown at half mast to honor Officer Sicknick. Disgracefully, other federal agencies, who take their direction from the president, continue to fly their flags at full staff.

Other Officers Injured

Officer Sicknick was not the only officer to be injured, though thankfully there were no other fatalities. In the below video you can see all the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ people attempting to crush officers between them and a back wall. You see someone pepper spraying officers who are stuck in that tiny, confined space and you can see one of the criminals attempting to forcefully yank off the mask of an officer who is caught between a door jamb and the violent mob. You hear that officer who is being crushed, screaming for help, his teeth bloody from his injuries.

The Insurrection is Not Over

And the worst part of it all, is that it’s not over. Those who attempted a coup are angry that it failed. They are openly planning armed attacks against multiple targets all over the country. They have called for every state capitol to be taken over. They have called for ‘soft targets’ like media stations and media personnel to be killed and yes, they are calling for the murder of police officers who uphold law and order.

What’s really bad for officers is, like with the capitol police, you can’t necessarily trust your fellow officer. You don’t know if he or she will fight by your side with honor or be one of the people who leads the mob to you. Law enforcement agencies everywhere need to take this seriously and do everything they can to be prepared so as to protect their officers. This idea of ‘only Black protesters are violent, white people are always respectful of laws,’ is wrong and always has been. These are serious riots that have already proven to be deadly. Officers need to be vigilant and prepared for the worst.

I have no doubt that federal agencies are working hard to disrupt the efforts of these criminals, but all officers need to be prepared just in case. Should something happen, you never know who may be thinking of slowing down any back-up headed your way, even at the state and city level.

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