Police Officer Trespasses and Draws Gun on Property Owner

Police Officers harass Dr. P.J. Parmar
Dr. P.J. Parmar

Aurora Police In Dire Need of Reform

Aurora police are the reason why Elijah McClain is dead. Their callous disregard for the suffering that his death caused is why three officers, one of them being a participant in the death of McClain, have been fired and another has retired. And now we have yet another video of their lack of professionalism, but this time they picked the wrong man.

Dr. P. J. Parmar was going to one of the buildings he rents, on a Sunday night. When he tried to access the building’s internal parking lot he was unable to because Aurora police officer, Justin Henderson, was not only parked in the lot but had parked, as so many police do, in a very haphazard manner, partially blocking the throughway. Dr. Parmar honked at the officer so he would move his car. Instead, Officer Henderson got out of his vehicle and drew his weapon on Dr. Parmar.

Bullying Not Working This Time

Dr. Parmar and Officer Henderson exchange words with Dr. Parmar telling Henderson to get off his property several times. At first you can see the hesitation in Henderson. Dr. Parmar tells Henderson he is trespassing and points out that there are signs saying no trespassing. Rather than apologizing and moving to a different location to write his report, Henderson decides to buckle down on bullying, as if he has every right to be there (no, he doesn’t), and acts like Dr. Parmar should be grateful for his presence. “So I also clear people off of your property all the time that are trespassing.” Ah, so now we know he’s well aware that there are no trespassing signs up and that he is trespassing. Henderson’s buddies arrive and he gets braver.

Warping the Story

Now that video is catching so many of these incidents, we’re seeing how often officers change the story to make their actions look appropriate. Henderson tells his fellow officers, “And he comes rolling in here like he’s about to assault me with his car. And he’s mad at me because I cussed at him.” Just by the positioning of the vehicles you can see that anyone turning into the parking area will almost be directly facing the patrol car BECAUSE OF THE WAY THE OFFICER PARKED! That’s a lot of gall to blame Dr. Parmar for what he set up himself in a place he shouldn’t have been and that Dr. Parmar had every right to be. And his comment about cussing is said in a can-you-believe-it tone of voice. You may think nothing of it but I hear the sucking sound. He’s making them feel included on his side of the chessboard. I’m not saying he did this consciously, I would bet he didn’t. It was still done and works to change the dynamics. It makes them a collective. Now it’s him, the doctor, against us, the officers.

Hold My Beer

Not to be out done by Henderson, and having been brought into the group of ‘officers being attacked’, Officer Cody Brown, who appears to be the same rank, in other words not a supervisor, decides to comment. He asks Dr. Parmar, “Sir, can I ask why you’re not happy he’s here?” What kind of stupid question is that? Why does someone need to be happy that police are camping out on their property without even the consideration of asking for permission? But Dr. Parmar is courteous enough to answer. It’s still not enough. Officer Brown goes on to ask, “Is there a reason you don’t like the police so much?” What the hell kind of answer is he looking for? Being a police officer is a job, not a popularity contest. Again, why would he ask this? Why isn’t he just telling his coworker to move to a different area? It’s as if they’re oblivious to de-escalation techniques.

No Surprise, the Threats Follow

Henderson still can’t admit he was wrong so he does what so many officers do, falls back on intimidation tactics. “I could very well cite you for careless driving if I wanted to.” When Dr. Parmar calls his bluff and tells him to do it, he backs down. He knows he’s dealing with someone who can afford to hire the best attorneys and he knows he’s in the wrong but he tries for one last threat, the threat of him not doing his job. “So, how about this. Every time there’s a homeless person sleeping on your property…” Dr. Parmar interrupts him and says he’ll take care of it but you know Henderson was getting ready to tell him he wouldn’t do anything.

The officers finally leave after scoffing at the idea that Dr. Parmar pays their salary. Why is this so hard for officers to understand? Yes, the citizens in the area you police pay your damn salary. That’s just a fact of life. You’re salary comes out of the taxes they all pay.

The officers may have left but Dr. Parmar is not going to let this go. He has filed a lawsuit against the Aurora Police Department for excessive force since Officer Henderson had no valid reason to draw his weapon and guess what? Apparently, anytime an Aurora police officer draws their weapon and points it at someone, they are supposed to write a report. No report, at all, was generated for this incident.


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