Police Officer Hires Hit Men, Arrested for Murder

Dallas Police officer Bryan Riser was arrested on two counts of capital murder for hiring hit men to kill two people.
Bryan Riser

Dallas Police Officer in Jail for Capital Murder Charge

(TX) – A 36-year old officer with the Dallas Police Department is in the Dallas County Jail on two counts of Capital Murder. Officer Bryan Riser is accused of hiring men, on two different occasions, to kill people. The crimes occurred in 2017. Riser originally went to the men with a scheme to rob drug houses. The plan was for Riser to give the original informant “and his associates information about drug houses, which they would rob and then split the proceeds, according to the affidavit.”

However, Riser changed his mind and instead offered the men $3,500 to kidnap and kill an individual named Albert Douglas. The individual acting as an informant, who is one of the hit men, said that they killed Mr. Douglas. The body of the 60- year old man has not been found, but his family did report him missing in February of 2017.

Two weeks later, Riser again approached the men requesting another murder. The victim was 31-year-old Lisa Saenz. Riser offered the men $6,000 for this hit. Lisa Saenz was kidnapped and killed. Her body “was found with multiple gunshot wounds in the 200 block of Santa Fe Trail, near the Trinity River.” The men who killed Saenz were caught before they received their payment.

No one knows why Riser hired hits on the two individuals. The only connection that we know of so far is that they were acquaintances of his.

Hit Man Implicates Bryan Riser

Police officials were aware in 2019 of the part that Bryan Riser played in the killing of Albert Douglas and Lisa Saenz. One of the hit men turned informant.  There is no specific information as to why it took so long to arrest Riser. From the time they knew, until his arrest today, Bryan Riser was allowed to remain on the police force. According to the NBC new video, the previous police chief said that she knew about the allegations, but the FBI and the district attorney decided they didn’t want him placed on leave.

Strategic Decision by FBI and District Attorney

It’s unsettling that both the FBI investigators and the District Attorney decided to leave Riser on the force, but they were concerned that Riser would cover his tracks before they could get proof instead of the just the word of one of the killers. And they may have been trying to collect information on more crimes that Riser may have committed.

Three men were arrested for the murders of Douglas and Saenz. Those men are Jermon Simmons, Kevin Kidd and Emmanuel Kilpatrick. It’s expected that more information on what Riser has been doing will come out.

As it is, information on this case is coming out so fast that it’s getting confusing. Originally the name of the person who gave the police information on Riser was not released. It now appears it may have been Kidd. But Kilpatrick has also given information to police. According to Kilpatrick’s attorney, “This has been the dirtiest cop I’ve ever encountered.”

Bryan Riser Arrested in 2017

Ironically, Bryan Riser was arrested in 2017, but it had nothing to do with the murders for hire. The picture shown is from Riser’s arrest in 2017 for Assault-Family Violence. Apparently assaulting family members wasn’t enough for the Dallas Police Department to fire him. He was given discipline and allowed to continue as an officer. Good thing they have a brand new police chief.

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