Police Officer Assaulted by Firefighters

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Martin County Fire Rescue

St. Patrick’s Day Revelry Turns Violent

A Jupiter (Florida) police officer, who is never named in the TCPalm.com article, was assaulted by an intoxicated Martin County firefighter. The officer had responded to a call about a drunken brawl involving six or seven people. The officer arrived to find a group of people with two of the men fighting. He took out his taser but did not aim it at anyone. The officer was then attacked by Tyler Joseph Just, a firefighter with the Martin County Fire Rescue department. It’s unclear as to whether Mr. Just was one of the people fighting or one of the ones observing the fight. A woman at the incident in Jupiter, which is in northern Palm Beach County, informed police that Just had too much to drink.

Two(?) Firefighters Assaulted a Police Officer

Mr. Just attacked the Jupiter police officer putting him in a headlock and began punching him in the face. The officer, who was much older than Just, feared that that Just might take his weapon and feared for his safety. According to the affidavit the officer said, “I was in complete fear of this subject who is much younger, stronger and faster than me, as well as intoxicated, was going to overpower me.” While in the headlock, the officer punched back several times until the two fell to the ground. Just punched the officer in the eye and the officer responded with an elbow strike to the head.

A second man, Joseph Rufino Alessio, began grabbing the officer. Other Jupiter officers arrived at the scene and helped to take Just and Alessio into custody. According to the article, information on Alessio says he is a firefighter but Martin County Fire Rescue Division Chief Rodney Robertson, says that Alessio is not with their agency.

Criminal Charges Filed

Tyler Joseph Just was charged with Battery on Officer, Firefighter, EMT and Resist Officer with Violence. Mr. Just has been placed on administrative leave. Joseph Rufino Alessio was charged with Battery on Officer, Firefighter, EMT and Resist/Obstruct Officer without Violence.

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