Police Instigating Violence

photo of cops hiding their badge numbers
Hiding Badge numbers – photo from @TheIndypendent

The Real Aggressors

People are protesting police abuse and how are officers responding? With blatant aggression and abuse. Police officers, all over our country, are not doing themselves any favors by beating up people. It’s one thing to stop aggression or to protect yourself. It’s another thing to be the aggressor. See the videos below to see who the aggressors are.

The first video is a compilation of videos that the Gravel Institute has put together. It can be kind of fast. Note the clip that has a silver, undercover police car in a line of police cars. You may not catch it at first but as the silver car goes past a protester, the person in the passenger seat throws open the car door to strike the protester even though the protester isn’t doing anything. Maybe all of the below is why you have cops hiding their badge numbers, like what you can see in the photo from @TheIndypendent on Twitter.

And tell me, what was the purpose of this, other than just to be abusive?

And surely, you’re one badass motherf***er to knock over an old man with a cane. I don’t care if they did help him back up. There was no reason to have done that to him in the first place.

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