Police Desperately Looking for a Villain

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Los Angeles Police Department

First There was the Shake Shack Incident

In a previous article we included a small commentary on how police unions and agencies were misinforming the public. The story was about an incident that happened at a Shake Shack. Three officers used the apps on their phones to placing two different orders. Two officers ordered together and another ordered for herself. When they got there the items were already packaged and ready to go. They picked up their items and here is where things go crazy. All kinds of information was being put out by the police and by the police union. The police said bleach had been put into the officers’ drinks and that the officers became ill and had to be taken to the hospital. The union said it was an intentional act of poisoning.

The Real Story

But as it usually does, the really story came out. The first thing to come out was that it was obvious that there was no way the employees could have known that the people placing the orders were officers. Secondly, once the offices were there, there was no time to contaminate the drinks since they were already packaged and the officers grabbed their drinks. The final determination was that the machine had not been thoroughly drained after the cleaning solution was run through it. Okay, a simple mistake. So how did it turn into such a mess?

According to the New York Post, “the cops realized they didn’t taste or smell right, so they threw the drinks in the trash and alerted a manager, who apologized and issued them vouchers for free food or drink, which they accepted.” Then about two hours later they mention it to their supervisor. This is when it turns into a circus. The crime unit goes out, they take evidence, the officers, who never experienced any signs of physical distress, were rushed to the hospital.

Ranking officers and the police stated sending out tweets and as we all know, the story kept growing with the retelling until it became the intentional poisoning of six officers, with bleach, who began throwing up after drinking the shakes and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Now they are left with their reputations damaged and the public thinking, typical. I wonder if they realize they verified everything being said about them? They showed how willing they were to blame innocent people and accuse those people of crimes they did not commit.

Officer Finds Tampon in Drink

possible food mold

You would think that the Shake Shack story would encourage the police to not jump to conclusions but apparently not. On Friday, an off-duty Los Angeles Police officer went to a Starbucks and bought a Frappuccino. After drinking a portion of it he found what he believed to be a tampon in his drink. Naturally, if that is what it was it would have had to have been done intentionally. The thing is, none of them really know what it is.

Tampons are about 3 to 4 inches long. They absorb and block leakage which means they are designed to spread out wider, not longer. That thing is pretty long to be a tampon. Odds are high that what it is, is mold. It would not be the first time that mold has clumped together and made people think a finger or some other body part was in their food (or maybe a tampon?)

The point is, they don’t know but yet again are jumping to a conclusion. These are people whose job it is to investigate before making a determination. Instead, they’re throwing out accusations without knowing what they are talking about. I understand the officer being upset. It’s gross no matter what it is but one thing would be intentional, the other would not. One item demands a criminal investigation. The other item demands a Health Department investigation.

Police Want the Public to View Them as Being Under Attack

So why are police doing this? We know they know better. Their training is to investigate THEN make a determination. Police are on the ropes. Their conduct has brought the public to a boiling point. They are being looked at as villains when, for so long, they were looked at as heroes no matter what they did. Police were always given the benefit of the doubt but now cameras are everywhere. The public is realizing that the things officers say happen are not what really happened. The reports officers write, that have always been treated as unquestionable, are now being shown as questionable.

The police desperately want to redirect the public’s attention. They want us looking at every day citizens as the real enemy and they want us to believe they, the police, are under attack and therefore are justified in what they do. It’s not going to work. Even if someone does do something intentionally, which I have doubts happened in this case, it still doesn’t undo all the beatings, chokings, pepper spraying, unnecessary use of K-9s and other abuses. We will condemn the person who does something wrong to an officer but we will still condemn the officer who does something wrong to a person.

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