Police Brutality Increasing

Seattle officer uses bike to run over injured man's head
Police Brutaliy


Seattle Police Department

The public is coming to a tipping point. They have finally opened their eyes and are seeing how often police resort to violence for no reason. For a long time we just took what officers said as the truth but cameras on cell phones changed all that. Most of us, myself included, even if we knew there was police violence, didn’t realize just how often and how bad it really was.

On Wednesday, people in Seattle, Washington, were protesting the government’s failure to file charges against the officers who killed Breonna Taylor. The officers received nothing at all for for killing an innocent Black woman but the one officer who fired into a White family’s apartment, even though he didn’t hit anyone, was charged with a crime. The injustice is unbelievable and every time police are let off the hook for their actions, they are emboldened to use more violence and brutality.

Below is a video, captured by independent journalist CJ Halliburton, of an injured man lying in the street. According to officers, they use force only when protecting themselves. Tell me what threat that man is posing? Why did the bike patrol officer feel the need to ride his bike over the head of an injured person? Not just with one wheel, but with both of them. There is absolutely no justification for what he did. That officer needs to be fired. And for all of you who whine, saying they shouldn’t be there, two journalists from the Daily Caller were arrested too. When a country starts becoming a ditatorship and a military state, no one, from either side, is safe. The only rule is, might makes right. You might want to think about that.

UPDATE: The officer in the video has been placed on administrative leave and is being investigated by the King County Sheriff’s Office and by the Office of Police Accountability. They are not releasing the identity of the officer at this time.


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