Phoenix Police Act Like Mobsters

Extreme Reaction by Phoenix Police
Phoenix Police photo by The Daily Show

Phoenix Police Department has made the news in the latest incident of officers overreacting.  A black family was in a Family Dollar store.  Their 4-year old daughter took a Barbie doll out of the store without the family paying for it.  Store employees called the police who pulled up behind the vehicle as it was parked at their babysitters apartment.

Dravon Ames and his pregnant fiancee, Iesha Harper, were approached by two Phoenix police officers as if they were bank robbers who had killed everyone in the bank.  The officers keeping yelling at them to get the fuck out of the car.  Dravon is removed from the car and has his leg almost kicked out from under him because the officer felt he wasn’t responding fast enough.

While that is going on, Iesha is trying to explain to the officer that she can’t put her hands in the air because she is holding her 1 year old child.  At one point the officer grabs the baby’s arm and tries to pull the baby out of her mother’s arms.  You can hear the baby screaming in the video.  Remember, this is all over a stupid Barbie doll from a dollar store.

There are several videos that show more than the video I posted below but Trevor Noah makes a good point in his video.  What the officers wrote in their reports do not accurately portray what we see in the video.

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