Out of Control El Paso Cops

In a shocking video El Paso police officers were caught abusing children.  The children are yelling profanities at the officer but that does not justify the officer drawing his weapon and pointing it at children.  The whole time the disturbance is going on the officer has a young man sitting on the ground.  The individual isn’t showing any signs of resisting yet the officer at one point puts his knee to the neck of the young man and leans into him.  At this point the young people watching become even more vocal after seeing this abuse.

Another officer arrives and the two officers fling the young man, who is still not resisting, to the ground.  The watchers get upset with those actions and their yelling increases again.  The first officer takes out his baton and starts herding the children away and pushing one woman several times.  The part with the baton is not shown on the video.  I received the unedited video on my Twitter feed but it seems KSAT 12 may have bought the rights to the video.  They copyrighted it so I am unable to post my copy.  To watch the video go to this KSAT 12 link.

After pulling his baton and moving the children the officer then arrests the individual who is filming him.  IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL TO FILM OFFICERS ARRESTING SOMEONE.  As other officers arrive you see another officer taunting the children trying to get them to do something.

This is some of the most unprofessional behavior I’ve ever seen.  If an officer gets all riled up to the point of pulling a gun on children just because they were cursing at him then he’s in the wrong profession.

KSAT posted the video on July 8th.  I’m not sure when the actual incident happened.

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