Oklahoma Police Department Hires Known Skinhead

The Colbert Police Department in Oklahoma hired officer Bart Alsbrook as their interim police chief.  What they were soon to find out is that Alsbrook had a very disturbing past.  Media sources quickly unearthed information that showed that Alsbrook was the former Texas Coordinator of Blood & Honour.

Not only was Alsbrook a member of the racist organization but he also ran neo-Nazi video and music companies.  But the worst information was that Alsbrook had been charged with attempted murder after stabbing a fellow neo-Nazi 24 times.  The gang member refused to cooperate and the case had to be dropped.

Alsbrook resigned once the information became public.  But this is Oklahoma.  A police department that is only 15 miles away has taken Alsbrook in as a reserve officer.  The City of Achilles say they feel that is all in his past and that he is no longer a racist.  This is a poor decision on their part.  Their willingness to risk the health and safety of their citizens is disgraceful.  How can people have faith in police when those same departments knowingly and willingly hire individuals who hate minorities?

Known white supremacists should not be allowed to work for any law enforcement agency anywhere in the United States.  Their core beliefs are contrary to the protect and serve mission of law enforcement.

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