Officers Arrested for Sex Crimes Against Children

photo of officer Daniel Kelly
Officer Daniel Kelly

Sexual Assault of a Child

Two officers, in different parts of our nation, have been arrested for sex crimes against children in the past two days.

On May 20, officers with the City of Henderson Police Department arrested Daniel Kelly. Kelly is a police officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. According to, the 35 year old officer has been charged with, “5 counts of Lewdness by Person over 18 with Child Less Than 14.” Daniel Kelly has been with the Las Vegas Police Department since 2017. The Las Vegas Review-Journal states that he, “…has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.” Daniel Kelly was booked into the Henderson Detention Center with no bond. Very few details have been released about this case. There is no information on who the informant was and what the connection was between the officer and the child.

Child Solicitation

photo of officer Cody Allen Skinner
Officer Cody Allen Skinner

On May 19, a juvenile correction officer was arrested for child solicitation. 22 year old Cody Allen Skinner was a juvenile correction officer with the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility. Skinner sent text messages to a 13 year old girl asking her to play some games with him. Men who target children often used terms that sound innocent but are far from it. The games that Cody Skinner asked the child to play were “Fire Truck” and “Truth or Dare”. According to The Herald Bulletin, “An internet search by Alexandria police determined “fire truck” is where a man or boy rubs the upper thigh area of another person in an attempt to touch private sexual parts.” And we all know what can be done with Truth or Dare.

Also, according to The Herald Bulletin, “He (Skinner) admitted to knowing the juvenile was 13 years old and said he was just “playing around.” Skinner told police he sent the texts for sexual gratification or arouse himself or the young girl.” The charge is considered a Level 5 Felony. He has a $10,000 bond.

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