Officer Who Responded to Call, Rapes Woman Who Called

Officer Walter Dodds arrested
Walter Dodds

Austin Police Officer Arrested

An officer with the Austin Police Department was arrested on Friday after an investigation into a sexual assault complaint validated the claim. In April, Officer Dodds responded to a call about an attempted suicide. A man and woman had been drinking quite a bit when the man began making attempts to hurt himself. As the man was being taken to the hospital, Officer Dodds interviewed the woman. During the interview he got her phone number saying he needed it so that he could contact her to give her information from the hospital. He also asked if she was going to leave any doors unlocked.

Since he was speaking to a drunk woman, she probably didn’t think anything of his comments. Or maybe she thought he was referring to the man at the hospital being able to get in if she fell asleep. The story doesn’t state what she thought of his question but does comment on her having been drinking a lot. It appears the woman went to bed. Officer Dodds then enter the apartment and was seen by a juvenile when he entered the woman’s bedroom. The woman came to, to discover Officer Dodds sexually assaulting her while he was still in uniform.

According to KXAN, “Around three hours later, the affidavit said Dodds arrived at the hospital where the man was being treated to fill out paperwork.” This large gap in time helps to substantiate the claim that the officer waited until he thought everyone had gone to sleep before sneaking into her apartment to rape the woman. What is not mentioned is the geolocation of the police car. Most police departments, especially the larger ones, are able to track the locations a police vehicle was at through the car’s GPS. Perhaps that will be brought out at his trial.

Woman Reports the Sexual Assault

The woman didn’t report the sexual assault immediately, which is not uncommon. Whatever her reasons for waiting, she finally came forward two weeks later. It seems that fear may have driven her to do it since Officer Dodds had started text messaging her, asking if he could come over, and driving by her apartment. It’s hard to believe that an officer who is sworn to protect and serve would act in such a depraved manner, but though it’s stated in a sort of ambiguous way in the article, it seems the police department feels they have enough evidence for a DNA match to Dodds.

Officer Dodds had been placed on restricted duty while the accusations against him were being investigated for the sexual misconduct but he resigned from the Austin Police Department on August 31. Walter Dodds was charged with second-degree sexual assault.

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