Officer Intent on Shooting Someone, Kills Fellow Officer

Calvin Nicholas Salyers charged with manslaughter
Calvin Nicholas Salyers

Officer Voices Anticipation at Shooting Someone

Alexander, AR – Calvin Nicholas Salyers, with the Alexander Police Department, told people what he was going to do but no one seemed to take him seriously enough to do anything about it. Per the warrant affidavit,

“According to Alexander Training Sgt. Matt Wharton, Salyers had made a statement to him, when the riots in Minneapolis were first starting that if any protesters came to his residence he would “shoot through the door”. Sgt. Wharton told me that he instructed Officer Salyers that he could not do that, because it was reckless and negligent. Wharton stated that they could not shoot anyone without identifying them first and identify that there was a threat.”

Note that the statement by Salyers was made around the time of the protests over the murder of George Floyd. That puts the time frame of his comment to have been made at the end of May or beginning of June. So this mentality, the desire to shoot someone through his front door, was at the immediate forefront of Salyers’ mind.

June 3 Shooting

Officer Salyers got his chance to shoot someone on June 3. While lying on the couch with his partner, someone knocked on the door. it turned out to be Officer Scott Hutton. Officer Hutton had come by to pick up the police vehicle that was in the storage building next door. He tried calling then texting Salyers but received no response so he pulled the police vehicle into Salyers’ driveway, went to Salyers’ front door and knocked.

Salyers was interviewed by Special Agenst with the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division. According to Salyers, he got up from the couch, got his gun and when he looked through the door peep hole, all he saw was someone wearing a gun at their waist. He says he switched the gun to his left hand and reached for the door and the gun went off. It amazes me that this was originally deemed an accident since it’s so lacking in credibility. Peep holes are set to view a person’s face first. They are not set at waist level where you would see a gun on a waist band first. And guns don’t just go off. You have to have your finger on the trigger and to pull that trigger for it to fire. But it gets better.

Evidence Discovered

The scene was observed for evidence at the time of the shooting. However, when a search warrant was executed the investigators noted that the single bullet hole was near the peep hole. That’s pretty high up to just be holding a gun casually as you are reaching to answer the door. But even more damning is that there was gun powder and powder burns on the bullet hole “which indicated that the weapon was pressed against the door when fired.” In addition to the gun powder evidence, “There was a clear indentation where the pistol light, which was attached to the bottom of the barrel, marked the door as it was being fired.” 

Another indication that Calvin Salyers was lying about the events became obvious when it was noted that Officer Hutton was wearing his badge on his belt next to his gun. If Salyers could see the gun, how could he not see the badge?

Officer Salyers Charged with Manslaughter

A warrant was issued for Calvin Salyers with a listed charge of Manslaughter. He turned himself in to state troopers and was booked into the Saline County Jail. His bond was set at $15,000 but the article doesn’t mention whether he posted it or not. Being such a low bond for someone who makes an officer’s salary, I would suspect he bonded out.

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