Oath Keepers Threaten Police Officers

photo of Oath Keepers' threat
05/02/20 Oath keepers Twitter Threat

Who the Heck are the Oath Keepers

For anyone who hasn’t heard about the Oath Keepers, they are an anti-government group of people, mostly white males who have selected certain parts of the constitution that they say they are protecting. Okay, they say they are protecting the whole thing but that’s not true. You never see them fighting for the freedom of the press, or unreasonable search and seizure when it happens to a brown or black person. You never see them fighting to ensure everyone gets a speedy trial or is not subjected to excessive fines and bails. You never see them fighting for the right of every adult to be able to vote. And I sure haven’t seen any video of them down in Florida protesting the Republican Governor’s decision to prohibit voting for people who have criminal fines, basically a poll tax which is specifically prohibited in the constitution.

No, the only words in the constitution they seem to be able to read are “Liberty,” which they interpret to mean we can do anything we want; “right to assemble,” they usually forget the peaceably part and again, interpret it to mean we can do anything we want; and “right to bear arms,” ignoring the part where it refers to a well-regulated militia and interpret it to mean, we can do anything we want. So basically, what you have is a group of pathetic and privileged males who desperately want to think of themselves as heroes. You will always see them with massive weapons that can only be interpreted as compensation. But don’t be surprised if you also see swastikas, confederate flags and other signs of hate and bigotry. That should tell you plenty about them.

Radical Anti Government Group Threatens Officers

In their latest bid for hero status they decided people being safe and staying indoors is some kind of tyrannical take over of the government. Of course they don’t blame Trump (I’ll give you one guess who they support) they blame those around him. But their stupidity and conspiracy theories don’t stop there. They have decided that officers who do their jobs and uphold the law are DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION. Can you believe that shit? Officers who already have to risk their lives when dealing with criminals now have to watch their backs for these emotionally immature fools. Don’t think the domestic enemies of the Constitution is just some nothing comment by Rhodes.

The following is another one of his comments,

“John [Mc]Cain is a traitor to the Constitution. He should be tried for treason before a jury of his peers – which he would deny you. … He would deny you the right for trial to jury, but we would give him a trial by jury. Then after we convict him he should be hung by the neck until dead.”

–Rhodes, speaking in Tempe, Ariz., May 2015

I like that “we would give him a trial by jury”,,. Yeah, black people in 50s and 60s knew all about those kinds of trials. And followed by, “Then after we convict him…” Not even a pretense of the impartial jury required by the Constitution that they have sworn to protect. Sure we’ll give him a trial and a jury, wink, wink. But here’s the part that is the most concerning, “hung by the neck until dead.”  Look at the crime they are accusing McCain of, being a traitor to the Constitution. Look at what they are calling police officers who follow the law and the orders of the governors, “domestic enemies of the constitution.”

Targeting Law Enforcement

This has moved beyond stupid man-babies addicted to Rambo movies and playing dress-up. The leader of this group, Stewart Rhodes, has put a target on the back of every law enforcement officer out there. Yes, even the idiot ones who have joined this radical group. Someone out there will take comments like the above as encouragement to kill or attempt to kill police officers. What do they think that would-be killer is going to do? Walk up and ask, hey, are you a member of the Oath Keepers, before they start shooting? ALL officers are endangered by this kind of incitement.

Police Officers Doing Their Job

photo of angry white male protester
Michigan Police

And why? Because the officers are doing their job? Because these idiots think they should be the ones calling the shots and are mad because officers are enforcing the orders of the governor? The Oath Keepers know about the part of the police officer’s oath that refers to protecting the Constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state the oath is being taken in but they ignore the part that says the officers will uphold the laws, rules and ordinances enacted by the state. Every entity has a slightly different oath but they fall along the same lines. So not only do officers have to put up with jerks like the man on the right who is no doubt spitting out droplets of saliva into the air that could get into the officers’ eyes and possibly infect him with the coronavirus but they also have to watch their backs for the psychos who have been led to believe police officers are traitors to our country.

Police Officers are on the Front Line Facing Tensions

These groups that are stirring up resentment at doing the right thing need someone to blame. Someone to vent their anger and fear out on. While they may be mad at the governors, it’s the officers stopping them from being stupid that catch the brunt of the hate. When the public sees that nothing is happening when people go off on officers some become more willing to act.

We just had an incident in Austin where a Park Ranger was pushed into the river because he reminded a crowd to social distance. He didn’t tell them to leave. He reminded them about social distancing and was pushed into the river. This is not funny. The San Antonio Police Department lost an officer many years ago, through drowning. The weight of the officer’s gear pulled her down when she was chasing a suspect through the river. But it’s not just that. The man who did it felt it was okay to put his hands on the officer and shove him. That is the atmosphere that is being fostered by these protesters and it has the potential to be deadly.

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