Newly Released Video of 6-year old’s Arrest

Orlando Police Officer Turner
Orlando Resource Officer Dennis Turner


Update to Previous Story

In October of last year we wrote a post about a 6-year old little girl who was arrested because she threw a tantrum at school. The school knew that the child suffered from sleep apnea and at times had behavior issues due to her lack of sleep. Unfortunately they called the resource officer. As we’ve come to discover in writing this blog, resource officers in schools are more of a negative than they are a positive. Police misconduct by resource officers is an under reported problem. At the time the story about little Kaia came out, the body cam video had not been released.

Body Cam Video Released

The body cam video has now been released and it’s heartbreaking. As a reminder, Officer Dennis Turner who was the resource officer, was fired over this incident. He is the one whose body cam is recording the incident. The officer who puts the zip ties on Kaia and puts her into the police car was not fired because he had concerns about the arrest and attempted to contact his supervisor multiple times but the supervisor never responded to him. It is legal, in Florida, for officers to arrest young children but they are required to get a supervisor’s approval before arresting anyone under the age of 12. Turner didn’t even attempt to get approval. We consider what Turner did to be an abuse of power by police. No information was given as to why the supervisor was not responsive to the other officer. You can read the CNN article for more details, here.


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