New York Sure Has Some Problem Officers

New York Police officer
Paul Gaglio – Photo from

In 2015 Lt. Paul Gaglio with the New York Police Department put an 11 year old Hispanic girl, who he believed to have stolen a cell phone, into a chokehold and threw her to the ground.  Chokeholds, in his agency, are only allowed under extreme circumstances because they are so dangerous.

Gaglio’s version was that the young girl was resisting arrest and that they slipped.  An individual oversight agency reviewed footage from a nearby store and determined that Gaglio did not slip, that he threw the young girl to the ground and that Gaglio lied under oath.  Gaglio should have been fired for giving false testimony but not only did the NYPD refuse to issue any punishment but the commissioner stopped the internal review also.

New York Police Officer assaults child
Lt. Paul Gaglio performing choke hold

In addition to this assault of a child, Gaglio’s social media posts became a problem too when it was discovered that that he had posted derogatory comments about gays, Muslims and Black people.  Lt. Paul Giglio received absolutely no disciplinary action for the assault on the child nor did he receive anything for the hate he was spewing on social media.  In fact, he is enjoying a $163,000 a year salary

These are the kinds of actions that the NYPD, and many other agencies, want to keep secret from the public.  These actions are exactly what the public needs to know along with what was done to correct the issue.  If our society is going to allow certain individuals to have power over others those people need to be held to a high standard.  There needs to be serious consequences for these kinds of actions.  It’s not happening.

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