Mississippi Logs 15 Prison Deaths in One Month

15 Prison Deaths in One Month
Lucious Bolton Dies in Mississippi Prison

People who are in state prisons are there for felony charges.  They may be worse than misdemeanors but they have still been given a time frame.  Sometimes that time frame is life but the majority have the hope of getting out even if it may take a long time.  That’s our justice system.  It’s how it works.  However, if we are going to lock people up then it is our responsibility to do the best we can to ensure their safety.

That doesn’t apply to just watching which inmates you put together but also that they are fed sufficiently, that they receive sufficient medical attention and that there is sufficient staff to stop any altercations before they become deadly.  Apparently those are not things that the State of Mississippi chooses to do.  The Mississippi prison system is considered to be one of the worst in the nation and all signs are that it’s not getting any better.  The system has become so bad that the Corrections Commissioner has asked the FBI to help investigate the deaths.

We make no judgment as to why a person was in the prison system.  Whatever the reason, these people still had family and friends who cared about them.  We would like to offer our condolences to the families of:

Albert McGee – 57
Charles R. McCullough – 66
Willie Hollinghead – 36
Robert Joseph – 38
Jack Glisson – 70
Ricky Martin – 58
Lucious Bolton – 29
James D. Myrick – 63
Nija Syvallus Bonhomme – 24
John Richard Luttrell – 67
Nicole Marie Rathmann – 33
Troy M. Pittman – 59
Tony Springer Jr. – 75
Curtis Hughes – 45
Earl King Davis – 55

We should never stop fighting for humane, safe conditions in our prisons.  If you would like to read more click here for the NBC news article.

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