Mississippi Inmate Left to Die

On Saturday, August 11th at about 2:30 am, Ricky Martin, an inmate at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility, started feeling ill.  Marin kept complaining that he couldn’t breathe.  Martin went to the tower where the guard was and asked for help but the guard told him to get away from the tower.  Martin stayed at the tower trying to get help for about 20 minutes but the guard refused to do anything and continued to tell him to get away from the tower.

Not knowing what to do Martin went back to where other inmates were and said, they’re going to let me die.  Martin seemed to be afraid to sit down and about an hour later eventually fell over a trashcan.  Another inmate went to the guard tower saying they needed help but the guard ignored him.  A second inmate approached the tower and asked for help but the only response he got was the guard looking at him then pulling his cap down over his eyes and going to sleep.

A third inmate approached the tower and started yelling at the guard.  The guard responded that he had already called someone and there was nothing more he could do.  As Martin become sicker more inmates attempted to get help but the only result was the guard getting angrier and angrier at being disturbed.

Martin began foaming at the mouth.  One of his fellow inmates attempted to do CPR on him.  Finally a lieutenant came into the unit and casually walked towards the man on the floor.  When she saw his condition she immediately called an emergency code but Martin was too far gone to bring him back.  Ricky Martin had been left without medical attention for almost 3 hours.

Will anything be done to the guard who ignored calls for help by a sick man and his fellow inmates?  Doubtfully.  If anything does happen I doubt it will be more than the guard losing his job.  Ricky Martin lost his life.  If we are going to put people in a situation where they can’t take care of themselves then it is our obligation to take care of them.  The lack of action by the guard should be criminal.

Click here to read the Clarion Ledger article.

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