Out of Control Mississippi Cop Fired

A Mississippi police officer has been fired after using excessive force on an arrested person.  A black male was pulled over on July 16th for suspicion of shop lifting.  The video shows the van move forward a bit that was probably due to being nervous.  The male gets out of the van and complies completely with the officer who is taking him into custody.

Then Officer Daniel Starks arrives on the scene.  The video shows Starks rush up to the handcuffed man in an aggressive man.  It appears that he says something almost directly into the man’s ear.  He walks away but returns and again aggressively handles the handcuffed individual, striking him with his forearm.  Starks lets go but for whatever reason his anger has him reaching for his stun gun.  After dropping it on the ground and chasing it on the street for a bit he picks it up, comes up behind the totally compliant and non-resisting male and stuns him in the back of the neck.

The black male falls to the ground and is dazed from the attack.  When he has trouble getting back up Starks uses a neck pressure hold to try to force him up.  When that doesn’t work he then pulls his stun gun again and aims it toward the male threatening to stun him again.  The terrified male pulls away from the stun gun and tries to stand but falls again.  The initial officer helps him back up.  With the effects of the stun beginning to wear off the male is able to walk to the police car.

The excessive amount of force used had Starks’s fellow officers complaining of his use of force.  Starks was initially placed on administrative leave but has since been terminated.  Click here to read the CNN.com article.

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