MBV Hopes to Bring Her Precinct 2 Chaos to the Sheriff’s Office

Michelle Barrientes-Vela Announces
Barrientes-Vela – KSAT 12 video capture

After officially announcing her campaign for sheriff and setting off a firestorm for herself which resulted in the resign-to-run law coming into play, Michelle Barrientes-Vela (MBV) has officially, again, kicked off her campaign to run for sheriff of Bexar County.  KSAT 12 has reported that MBV has filed her paperwork and appointed her husband, Carlos Vela, as her campaign treasurer, a position he held in her campaign for Constable of Precinct 2.

KSAT 12’s Dillon Collier has reported on multiple infractions, some of them illegal, that occurred in Precinct 2.  Michelle Barrientes-Vela is under federal and state investigation for her actions while constable of Precinct 2.  I have no doubt that other candidates will use the pending criminal action against her during the primaries, and if she won, it would definitely be used against her in the general election.  Who could blame them?  The public has a right to know the character of the person they are voting for.

MBV may have been able to pull off a win in one small piece of Bexar County at a time when no one knew how things were going to turn out.  With the current problems she has, I just can’t see very many people putting their trust in her.  We’re all tired of hearing how it’s everyone else’s fault.  She could have almost have taken lessons from Salazar.

One thing I do anticipate happening, MBV is going to go after Salazar with everything she’s got.  She may not be able to win, though she’s as arrogant as Salazar and probably thinks she can, but at the very least she’s going to go for revenge.  I suspect this is going to be a vicious, rolling in the mud fight between the two unless Barrientes-Vela gets arrested or some other major event happens.

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