Massive Corruption in Baltimore Police Task Force

Baltimore Police Sgt. Wayne Jenkins
Sgt. Wayne Jenkins – photo from

Baltimore Police Department is faced one of the worst corruption scandals of the year.  The Gun Trace Task Force was created to take guns off the streets but it turned into a unit so corrupt that even with everything going on nowadays it’s still shocking.

Robbing people, acting as security for heroin deliveries, carrying toy guns to plant on victims, and even in one case stealing money from a slain officer, Detective Sean Suiter.  Detective Sean Suiter was one of the officers who was involved with this group.  Suiter was shot and killed one day before he was going to testify before a federal grand jury.  No one has been arrested for his killing.  The case remains open.

This is probably one of the worst stories I’ve read.  The corruption is systemic.  The Baltimore Police Department was acting as a sanctioned mob.  Federal investigators were having problems investigating officers because leaks kept tipping off the people under investigation.

The Baltimore Sun story on the court proceedings can be found at this link.  This story is so involved and so depressing that I’m going to let our readers go to the Baltimore Sun for details on the case.  Understand that for as much as is said in the article it is still only one small part of the story.

After having read this I am almost grateful that Bexar County’s deputies are only doing dumb things like driving after they’ve been drinking.  As dangerous as that is, it’s still better than them acting as if they were an actual gangster organization.

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