Man Shoots 7 Officer, One Dies

Ex-attorney kills police officer
Frederick Hopkins

There is a lot of outrage over the way minorities are treated by the police.  But there are a lot of people on the other side who feel the police can do no wrong and rush to blame the victim to justify actions by the police.  Black and brown people have been shot and killed for all kinds of ridiculous reasons that were supposedly valid.  Police use the claim that they feared for their life and people naturally want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, it seems that when police see black and brown people they are immediately either at, or a fraction below, fearing for their lives.  It takes little to nothing to push them over into using deadly force to supposedly protect themselves.

This is not the case when the person is white.  This story is a perfect example, one of many.  South Carolina law enforcement officers went to a house to serve a warrant.  They were there to arrest Seth Hopkins for second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.  They were met by Seth’s father, ex-attorney Frederick Hopkins, who opened fire on the officers.  The call went out and more officers raced to aid the officers under fire.

The wounded officers were pinned down.  Attempts to rescue them were unsuccessful until the police could bring in an armored vehicle to protect them from the continued shooting.  A negotiator was brought in and Fred Hopkins was taken into custody.  Seven officers were shot.  Officer Terrance Carraway died from his injuries.

Does anyone believe the shooter would have been captured alive if he had been a minority?  These officers were definitely in fear for their lives yet the killer was taken alive.  It can be done.  We should expect a very high standard to justify a deadly shooting.  We need to ensure that officers get extensive training in de-escalation.  Justice is not justice if it isn’t applied evenly.

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