Man Gets 99 Years in Jail for Kicking a Police Officer

Donnie Mills gets 99 yrs for kicking officer
Donnie Mills arrested by Denison Police

Back on April 26, Denison Police arrested Donnie Mills.  Police pulled Mills over for speeding and when interacting with him could smell alcohol.  Mills was taken to the hospital for a blood draw to determine his alcohol level.  While there, Mills kicked Officer Chris Bell in the face as Mills was being helped onto the gurney.  Mr. Mills, a 59 year old male, has a lengthy criminal history.  When he went Mills went to court in September he was found guilty and given a 99 year sentence.

I understand that the man in question has a lengthy criminal history.  I understand that he assaulted the officer.  But I just can’t get behind a 99 year sentence for a kick that didn’t even cause any damage even if he does have a lengthy history.  Why isn’t he serving 99 years for any of his previous charges?  He had some hefty charges that could have netted him a long sentence.  Instead, he gets 99 years for what amounts to a simple assault and a DUI.

This makes our justice system look anything but just.  I have no doubt Mills needs to be off the streets.  In my opinion, he was on a path that would have eventually cost someone their life but rapists get probation.  Ex-police officer, Amber Guyger, got 10 years for walking into someone’s apartment and killing the owner for no reason than her own stupidity.  Yet the jury gave this man a 99 year sentence?  These all over the place, kinds of sentences don’t inspire confidence in our justice system.

I don’t know what the answer is.  I do believe there needs to be some leeway for the jury to give a harsher or lighter sentence but this sentence, under these circumstances, shows our need for some better guidelines.

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