Looking Out for Our Readers

This site was created specifically to help the friends and family of individuals who have been incarcerated in the Bexar County Jail.  No matter what the arrested individual did, friends and family still care and worry about them.  With that in mind we have decided to encourage individuals to register to vote.  We are very concerned about the way Republicans are trying to portray people like officers, teachers and firefighters as being lazy and greedy.

Republicans want to privatize as much as they can.  Everything we have found shows that detention officers hired by governmental agencies do a better job than security guards who are paid a minimum wage by a private company.  When the inmates are safer and better cared for family and friends are under a little less stress.

You can’t do anything about the sentence your loved one has to serve but you can help to determine the environment they are incarcerated in.  Get yourself registered to vote then go vote for candidates that support civil servants such as officers, teachers and firefighters.

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