Law Enforcement Just Doesn’t Get It

photo of excessive force by police
Police Violence photo found on @richardgrant88; unknown photographer

Police Escalate Abuse

The nation is outraged over the murder of George Floyd. But that outrage is cumulative. George Floyd isn’t even the most recent on a long list of black people killed by police officers. You would think the outrage and the massive protests by the public would encourage officers to take a look at themselves but it seems to have done the opposite. Police officers have escalated their abuse. That abuse is being aimed at ANYONE who is not an officer; regular citizens, media, clergy, even one elected official have all been targeted with abuse, pepper sprayed, assaulted and arrested.

I don’t know what they think the eventual out come is going to be. Do they think we’ll all say, fine, go ahead and keep on abusing and killing us. Law enforcement seems to have forgotten that their function is to SERVE AND PROTECT. They are proving everything the protesters are saying is true. There will be legislation passed to shrink their authority and provide more accountability, if not under this administration, then under the next. Law enforcement is proving that power corrupts. Look at the picture in our post and tell me if you think those officers are being threatened to the point of needing to draw a gun. This is not the America we all thought we lived in.

It’s Never Law Enforcement’s Fault

I’m very disappointed because I had a video of a press conference, that was a few months old, of a police chief blaming an attack on an officer on people who complain about police abuse. He blamed their rhetoric for the attack. I was astounded at the ridiculousness of the comment. He may as well have blamed homeowners for reporting a burglary because it could cause the perpetrator to be arrested. He was just utterly oblivious to the fact that it was the fault of abusive officers, not the fault of people who complained of the abuse. Unfortunately, I can’t find that video. I wanted to give two examples but I’ll have to go with just the one below.

Police Chief Blames Looters

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore gave a press conference in which he blamed looters for the death of George Floyd. He starts out talking about the protests and the bad actors. He continues speaking about looters. Then he says the following:

“We didn’t have protests last night, we had criminal acts. We didn’t have people mourning the death of this man, George Floyd, we had people capitalizing.

His death is on their hands. As much as it is those officers. And that is a strong statement, but I must say that this civil unrest that we’re in the midst of, we must turn a corner from people who are involved in violence.”

No. Regardless what happens at the protests it is still not their fault that police officers murdered George Floyd. This is a desperate and pathetic attempt to deflect blame. You can tell, when listening to the video, that he wants to solely blame looters. There’s a pause after he says it’s on their hands, then he goes on to grudgingly include the officers.

It’s also obvious that Chief Moore knows that he is accusing looters. Why else would he say “that is a strong statement?” So the walk-back he did today saying he misspoke is a flat out lie. He said what he believed. And he believed that because he believes it’s never the officers’ fault. And THAT is why we are at this point. It is the fault of law enforcement never taking responsibility for their actions which has led to police brutality running rampant.

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