Latest Officers Arrested: Sexual Battery and Prostitution

Purcell police officer, Jason Baca, arrested for sexual battery
Jason Baca

Officer Arrested for Sexual Battery

(OK) – Jason Baca, with the Purcell Police Department was arrested on a warrant for Sexual Battery. The 41-year old officer was accused of assaulting a 37-year old woman, while he was on duty. The investigation of the assault was done by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Once the warrant had been issued, Officer Baca turned himself in to agents with the OSBI. Baca was booked into the “McLain County Jail on a $50,000 bond.” Baca has only been with the Purcell Police Department since 2019.

According to the Purcell Police Department,

“Purcell Police Department (PPD) was made aware of possible misconduct by one of its officers on Aug. 13, 2020. PPD immediately requested the assistance of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI).

OSBI has taken the lead of the criminal investigation. PPD refers you to OSBI or McClain County District Attorney’s Office for current details related to their review.

PPD is conducting a separate administrative investigation. Officer Baca is currently on paid administrative leave pending the results of this internal inquiry. Once our internal investigation is over, we will do a full release of what we’re allowed to do to it being a personal matter.”

Retired Chief Deputy, Ronald Dye, with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, arrested in prostitution sting
Ronald Dye

Retired Chief Deputy Arrested in Prostitution Sting, Again

Ronald Dye, who was a Chief Deputy with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, has been arrested for a second time for the charge of prostitution. In both case, the first in January and the second on Wednesday, the 73-year old retired chief was caught in a prostitution sting that was being conducted by the agency he used to work for. According to, “To catch the Johns, the undercover deputies brokered agreements for paid sex acts and set up a meeting place with men who responded to the fake ad. Once a John showed up, he was taken into custody, according to the sheriff’s department.” Dye retired from the Sheriff’s Department in 2004.

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