Latest Officers Arrested: Rape of a Child, Contraband to Inmate, DWI

Hydro assistant police chief, Tyler Wesley Davis, arrested for rape and sodomy of a child
Tyler Wesley Davis

Assistant Police Chief Arrested for Multiple Sex Offenses Against a Child

(OK) – The town of Hydro, Oklahoma is in shock after their assistant police chief, Tyler Wesley Davis, was arrested by agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). The OSBI received information from Snapchat, “that a user uploaded multiple sexually explicit files of a pre-pubescent girl.” The OSBI conducted their investigation which included the IP address the uploads were coming from. They then tracked the IP address to discover the identity of the person. This is a standard process that anyone in law enforcement knows happens. It’s amazing that an assistant police chief thought he would not be caught. According to,

“Captain Green said 35-year-old Tyler Wesley Davis was arrested at the Hydro Police Department on three counts of first-degree rape, three counts of rape by instrumentation, three counts of distribution of obscene or indecent writings/pictures, two counts of forcible sodomy, and one count of violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.”

Hydro Police Department wasn’t the only law enforcement agency affected. Davis was also a reserve officer with the Caddo County Sheriff’s Office. I have no doubt they are sickened by his actions also. Davis has been placed on unpaid administrative leave while the board of trustees votes on his termination. Davis was booked into the Grady County Jail. No bail bond has been set at this time.


Officer Arrested for Getting Contraband to Inmate

Officer Shuronica Walker, with Dublin Police Department, arrested for getting contraband to an inmate
Shuronica Walker

(GA) – Dublin Police Officer, Shuronica Walker, was arrested after the discovery that she was aiding a convicted murderer in getting contraband material. The news article does not state what kind of contraband Walker helped the inmate get. It is a crime to help an inmate get contraband items and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is continuing to investigate. Walker has also been accused of adding money to his jail account.

According to, “Walker had been a Dublin Police officer since 2017, but was fired last on January 22.”

The WGXA article does not state whether Walker knew the inmate, Reginald Cooper, prior to her going to work for the Dublin Police Department or if she formed a relationship with him after meeting him through her job. And no information has been given on whether a bail bond has been set for Walker.

San Antonio Police officer, James Nicholson, arrested for DWI and recklessly carrying a handgun
James Nicholson

Officer Arrested for DWI and Unlawful Carrying Weapon

(TX) – An officer with the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) was arrested on January 28 for driving while intoxicated and for unlawfully carrying a weapon. Unsurprisingly, very little information has been given out regarding the arrest of James Nicholson. We don’t know what his actions were that caused the arresting officer to pull him over. We can deduce from the location of the arrest that the San Antonio Police Department was the arresting agency. Details tend to be pretty skimpy when the San Antonio Police Department arrests one of their own.

What we do know is that Nicholson has been with SAPD for three years and that “his bond is set at $1,500 for the DWI charge and $2,000 for the unlawful carry of a handgun.”

I was curious how a law enforcement officer could be charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon. His job alone makes it lawful for him to carry a weapon, or so it would seem. The penal code states it is illegal “unless the person is licensed to carry a handgun under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, and the handgun is carried in a shoulder or belt holster.” The only thing I can figure is that he did not have it secured in a holster and that’s what made it reckless and illegal. If any of our readers has better information on this, please share it.

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