Latest Officers Arrested: Bribery, Aggravated Assault

Officer Arrested for Bribery

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patch
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

An officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has been arrested for bribery. Officer Brian Robert Pace worked in a police officer capacity (patrol) with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. A woman called the Sheriff’s Office to report some of her property, which included her cell phone, had been stollen. The call was given to Officer Pace who took the report over the phone. According to CBS 47,

“He took a report basically over the phone and then he reinitiated contact with her shortly thereafter claiming to have her property,” Undersheriff Pat Ivey, with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

“Shortly thereafter” leaves the amount of time up for speculation. I would be curious to know, not as an excuse for what he did, but to determine if it was more of an impulsive decision or a planned out one. Regardless of whether he was being extremely stupid or he made a cold, calculated decision that could indicate he’s done similar things in the past, Officer Pace called the woman back, telling her he had her property and would return it if she gave him inappropriate pictures.

Officer Brian Robert Pace

Officer Pace is a 36-year old man who had been with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for 11 years. No picture of Officer Pace was supplied and the Sheriff’s Office heavily redacted the police report. Per the article,

“We found Pace received at least 6 other complaints from 2009 to 2012. Three complaints of failure to conform to work standards were sustained and written warnings were given.”

Brian Pace was charged with Bribery which is a second degree felony in Florida. That means he could get as much as 15 years in jail if convicted.

Tucson police officer William Gallego
William Gallego

Tucson Officer Arrested for Aggravated Assault

An officer with the Tucson Police Department was arrested on Sunday for aggravated assault after a review of video from his body cam showed him striking a handcuffed individual. A security guard at a transit center called the police to get help in removing a man who was trespassing. Officers arrived but when they went to take the individual into custody, he at first allowed them to handcuff him, but then became violent.

Officer William Gallego arrived as backup and appeared to know the individual. It sounds like there was animosity between the two though no information has been given as to whether Gallego had dealt with the man before. According to the article, Gallgo called the man by his name and the man spit on Gallego’s pant leg. At that point Officer “Gallego then put his boot on the back of the suspect’s head for “reasons we do not know,” police said.” After retrieving leg restraints from his vehicle, “he hit the man’s head with his shin twice while he was still handcuffed, according to the department.”

William Gallego

Officer William Gallego is a 16 year veteran of the Tucson Police Department. He was arrested for Aggravated Assault and was booked into the Pima County Jail.

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