It’s a Soap Opera at Precinct 2

Tired of all the horrible things coming out of the Salazar administration?  No problem.  Precinct 2 is jumping in with both feet to give us something else to be disgusted over.

Orders not to speak to an individual the Constable wanted fired.  Falsification of training records.  False claims of being the first female constable.  Accusations of sexual advances by the Constable towards one of her deputy constables.  Referring to the deputy constable as her husband.  Refusal of advances.   Retaliation and demotion.  The arrest of the Precinct 2 deputy constable for perjury.  The immediate dismissal of the case by the District Attorney.

And this is where the latest in the Precinct 2 soap opera picks up.  Again, thanks to the excellent investigative reporting by the KSAT 12 Defenders, we have discovered that the deputy constables, Jason Castanon and Steven Barloco, who took their co-worker, Deputy Constable Leonicio Moreno, to be booked at the Bexar County jail, intentionally stalled the booking so that the media could have to time to arrive to film the event.  Video obtained by Dillon Collier shows the deputy constables arriving at the sally port of the jail and preparing to take Moreno into the booking area.  One of the deputy constables gets a phone call.

They put Moreno back into the police vehicle and drive around the area of the jail, checking back to see if the reporters have arrived yet.  When they have not, the deputy constables park across the street and wait another 10 minutes until the media arrives then they remove Moreno from the vehicle and parade him in front of the cameras.  As Mr. Collier shows in the video, this is a violation of the Code of Criminal Procedures (CCP) which states that a person should be taken before a magistrate “without unnecessary delay.”

Constable Barrientes Vela gave a garbled response about there not being a policy on what roads to use or how many turns a vehicle can make.  This is a ridiculous statement made in an attempt to deflect from the actual situation.  Deputy Constable Moreno reported the violation to the Texas Rangers and the District Attorney’s Office.  He has also filed a lawsuit against the Precinct 2 Constable’s Office.

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