Inmates Left to Face Massive Hurricane

Everyone has heard that a hurricane will make full landfall Friday morning.  Hurricane Florence is expected to do tremendous damage due to how slowly it is moving.  Mandatory evacuations had been called for but the Ridgeland Correctional Institute in South Carolina will not be evacuating it’s 1,000 inmates or their 119 staff members.  According to State officials the inmates will be safer in the prison.

It is doubtful that they really do feel the inmates are safer in the prison.  We suspect that two main factors play a role in their decision.  The first is the money involved to move and house the inmates.  The second factor is there inherent belief that people in jail are criminals and unworthy of the considerations that the general populace has a right to.

For a little perspective, North Carolina does evacuate their prisoners out of harms way.  Not only are they valuing the lives of people who are caged and would not be able to help themselves in flood conditions but they are also showing they value the lives of the people who watch those inmates.

We have to stop the incarceration system of dividing our country into the deserving and the non-deserving.  Click here for The State article and video.

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