Inmates at Serious Risk Under Salazar Administration

The Bexar County Jail.
The Bexar County Jail.

Families Terrified for Their Loved Ones

We began writing this website to help people who had loved ones who were incarcerated in the Bexar County Jail. It can be hard to get information from the jail and family and friends are naturally afraid for the safety of their loved ones. The jail is never a safe place but under the Salazar administration, those fears are even more of a concern. The inability of the current administration to run a jail facility is abundantly clear and unfortunately people are paying for his incompetence with their blood and their lives.

Another Inmate Beaten

On Monday the 13th, inmate William Garza was placed in a cell with inmate Robert Reeh. The jail has a section called Classification. Classfication’s major job is to assign inmates to housing that is most appropriate for them with safety being a major consideration. Classification keeps information on all inmates, from every time the person has been in the jail. They know the person’s behavioral history. In Reeh’s case, they knew that he had a history of violence.

One of the charges that Robert Reeh was brought in for this time was assault. He had been placed on Emergency Management Intensive Supervision status. Why was he placed on that status? That would indicate to me that they knew he was a serious problem. Why was he taken off? Was this a justifiable call or was it another mistake? Why was he still in administrative segregation? Could it be because he was so violent? We don’t have answers to those questions.  All we know is that Reeh beat inmate William Garza severely enough that he had to be taken to the hospital and at the time the KSAT article was written (6 days later)  Garza appears to still be in the hospital.

Salazar Needs to be Held Accountable

One inmate has already lost his life because of the incompetence of the Salazar administration. You can read our post on the killing of inmate Alexander Wise by inmate Shandrick Buckley here. A large portion of the people in jail have not been found guilty of a crime yet. Some will eventually be found innocent. And even if they are guilty, it is the jail’s responsibility to do the best they can to ensure the safety of the inmates.

This is an unacceptable situation but we do know there are those out there who don’t care about inmates. We don’t agree with this attitude but for those people, think of it in terms of dollars. Each one of these cases can, and very well will, be a lawsuit against the county. Yes, there is insurance but like any insurance, if you get too many claims ,or sometimes even one claim, the cost goes up. And Salazar is sure racking up justifiable lawsuits against us.

Too bad they can’t sue Salazar, himself, in a civil suit. Maybe if the threat was money coming out of his own pocket he would either fix the problem or step down and get out of the way so someone competent could do it. Pay attention Bexar County. Your chance to fix this mess is coming soon.

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  1. John Doe

    Reports where generated before of the inmate was housed about his behavior and noted he should be housed alone . And no listens.

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