Infected Bexar County Jail Inmate Total Rises

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Bexar County Jail

5 More Inmates Test Positive

Today, five more inmates at the Bexar County Jail tested positive for the coronavirus. That brings the total to 20. The inmates were moved to the jail’s medical section but the KSAT article didn’t give any details on the inmates. Were they from the same unit? Or are they from all over the jail? Does the Sheriff’s Office know how the inmates were infected? All we ever hear from the Sheriff’s Office is how they are working on something, or looking into something or, with COVID-19, that they are doing contact tracing. Actually, they came pretty late to the game as far as contact tracing, but being busy doing contact tracing has been their excuse lately. That answer gets rid of the media for the moment; however, we hear very little after that.

I know they announced about the dispatcher but that would have been a civilian. Sheriff Salazar has never had any problems blaming civilians. That aside, the dispatcher infected officers. We haven’t heard anything that says those officers then went on to infect the inmates. How are the inmates being infected? You can’t tell me that an administration that screwed up so badly as to put two obviously non-compatible inmates together, resulting in one being beat to death, is not screwing up with more lives within their care. Someone really needs to look into exactly what is happening at the jail and not just believe their press releases. We’ve seen them spin stories for over three years. We need the truth.


Scientific Facts About COVID-19

So why is COVID-19 so deadly? We found a great article on that explains a lot about this virus and does it in an easy to understand fashion. Everyone has probably heard about the virus attacking the lungs. The lungs are the main place this virus hits. It causes nodes and fluid in the lungs which can turn into pneumonia. We’re not fish. Fluid in the lungs for us mean we are not absorbing oxygen. This virus doesn’t stop there. It can move to any part of your body; your gut, kidneys, liver, heart, brain…

We hear of people recovering from the disease and we assume that they got over it completely. That probably comes from us associating it with the flu when it originally came out. That’s not necessarily the case. We don’t have numbers yet but doctors are saying a lot of survivors appear to have permanent organ damage. This is something that we will be hearing more about as we gain more knowledge.


Speaking of gaining knowledge, I would like to point out that we don’t know if having COVID-19 makes you immune to catching it again. That is an assumption at the current time. Both China and South Korea have reported that a comparatively small number of patients who recovered have become re-infected. There are some doubts as to whether that is what is really happening. There could be many other reasons, faulty tests, improperly performing the test, relapse, virus mostly destroyed but just enough left to be missed by the test, yet enough to start multiplying again. We just don’t know. For now, immunity is the fact of the day. That may change as we get more knowledge or it may get confirmed.

United States Stats

In case you were wondering how things were going over all:

Reported COVID-19 cases:

6 weeks ago:  332 cases
5 weeks ago: 2,204 cases
4 weeks ago: 18,763 cases
3 weeks ago: 101,242 cases
2 weeks ago: 277,953 cases
1 week ago: 501,301 cases
Today: 701,131 cases

Reported deaths:

7 weeks ago: 1 death
6 weeks ago: 19 deaths
5 weeks ago: 58 deaths
4 weeks ago: 323 deaths
3 weeks ago: 2,043 deaths
2 weeks ago: 8,488 deaths
1 week ago: 20,604 deaths
Today: 38,664 deaths

As you can see we are still moving up in numbers. That means we do not have it under control yet and that we need to continue with the protective measures we’ve been taking. You probably have seen a lot of idiots throwing tantrums because they don’t like the government telling them what to do. These people are not only fools but they are being manipulated by people who have an agenda and it’s sure not the one they think they are protesting for. Stay safe. Follow the safety guidelines. We will see an end to this but we have to be smart in the meantime.

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