House Cleaning at Precinct 2 Constable’s Office

Bexar County Constable & Justice of the Peace
Bexar County Precinct 2

Constable Leticia Vasquez has started out on the right foot.  As soon as she took over as constable of Precinct 2, she demoted Captain Marc Garcia to a regular constable and placed him on administrative leave while she investigates his role in the shenanigans that went on under Barrientes-Vela.

Captain Marc Garcia was one of two men who seemed to be closely involved with the various issues.  The other man is Chief Deputy Anthony Castillo.  Constable Vasquez wasn’t able to do anything about him because before she took office, while Barrientes-Vela was still the constable, Barrientes-Vela fired him.  We find this to be very strange.   At the press conference Barrientes-Vela gave yesterday she said the following:

“The only thing I do ask from the appointed constable is that she treats my officers, my deputies, fairly.  They are hard working individuals that do not need to be out of a position based on what occurred here today.”

Shortly after giving that statement, Barrientes-Vela fired her chief deputy.  What happened?  I thought she had so much confidence in him?  Wasn’t he a hard working individual?  If not, why hadn’t she fired him long before this?  Or did something else happen?  Did she ask him to feed her inside information and he refused?  Was it planned as a way to help him so that he could sue the county for wrongful termination and get money?  No one seems to know.  I can’t find anything that gives us the specific reason of why he was fired.

Maybe it was something legitimate although this last minute firing sure does cast doubt on that.  It would be nice if reporters would look into this.  Has anyone spoken to Anthony Castillo to find out why he was fired.  Dillon Collier, where are you?  We would like to know what happened.  You can read the KSAT article here.

Congratulations to Constable Leticia Vasquez and to her new Chief Deputy, Leo Horton, who brings 40 years law enforcement experience to the position.

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