Here’s Your Chance to Help Wounded Veterans

photo of painting by Sgt. Mario Lopez
Homes For Our Troops Celebrity Auction

Homes For Our Troops

We’re stepping away from our law enforcement focus for a minute to let people know that Homes For Our Troops is having it’s third annual Celebrity Auction.  Homes For Our Troops helps build house that are adapted to the special needs of veterans who have been injured.  Individuals donate some of their artwork with 100% of the proceeds from the auctions going to Homes For Our Troops.

Support a Local Wounded Veteran

We would like to point out an auction for an oil painting that was done by a local veteran who is currently having his house built by Homes For Our Troops.  Sgt. Mario Lopez of the United States Army, was hit with an IED in 2008, while stationed in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Lopez was seriously injured with burns over more than 50% of his body.  He had one arm amputated and he lost 4 of his fingers on the remaining hand.  He received the Purple Heart for bravery and sacrifice.  Sgt. Lopez didn’t allow his disabilities to stop him from his love of painting.  Born in Corpus Christi and currently lives in New Braunfels, Texas, Sgt. Lopez is showing his tough Texan spirit.

The oil painting he has placed up for auction on Ebay is titled Deep Reflections.   Original oil paintings are one of the top items that all experts in antiques and collectibles recommend that people keep.  You never know if they will increase in value and if so, by how much.  This is also a wonderful way to support our wounded veterans.  It’s a win/win situation.

Please take a look at the auction to see if you can participate.  The winner will receive a Letter of  Authenticity with the painting which is another valuable aspect.  If you win, don’t lose the letter.  It really does add value.  The auction ends on Sunday, November 17.

Our thanks to the reader who brought this to our attention.

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