Former Bexar County Deputy Arrested, 2 Placed on Leave

former Bexar County deputy Brandon Doege
Brandon Lee Doege

Deputy Charged with Tampering with Evidence and Official Oppression

A former Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputy has finally had an indictment returned against him. On May 13, 2019, Deputy Brandon Lee Doege struck an inmate in the head even though the inmate was complying with all instructions. When the incident was investigated, Deputy Doege stated that his body camera was shattered and that was why there was no recording of the incident; however, the investigation showed there was nothing wrong with Doege’s body camera. Not only did Deputy Doege ignore protocol by not turning on his camera, he also reached over and turned off the body camera of another Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) member. Doege was fired in November.

I’m at a loss as to why it takes so long for the Sheriff’s Office to investigate their officers and turn the cases over to the District Attorney’s Office for charges. Here we are, more than a year later and charges were just now filed. At least charges were filed. That’s better than what is happening at other some agencies. According to MySanAntonio,com, “The department also filed cases with the District Attorney Officer for tampering with a governmental record, for assault and for official oppression.” 

Two Deputies Placed on Administrative Leave

In two separate incidents this month, two unidentified Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputies have been placed on administrative leave for posting hateful rhetoric on social media. In the first incident a deputy suggested that looters and rioters should be shot. In the second incident, a deputy, in reference to an individual who was stealing mail, was encouraging people to lynch the individual.

The Salazar administration has done a particularly poor job of motivating officers to act in a way that honors their uniform. There have been more arrests, more people placed on administrative leave, and more people fired under Salazar than under any other sheriff’s administration that I can think of. I know Sheriff Salazar likes to say it’s because he is so much more strict than his predecessors, which is debatable, but why is he unable to motivate pride and professionalism within the ranks? Good leaders would take a hard look at themselves. Unfortunately, I suspect the only time Salazar looks at himself is when he’s admiring himself in a mirror.

Watch the KSAT video below for more details on the two officers on leave.

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