Ever Try Filing a Complaint Against an Officer?

The below video caught my attention for many reasons.  We have a huge problem with police brutality.  Officers are trained in levels of force yet it’s extremely common for them to jump straight to lethal force, give the flimsiest reason as to why they did it and get off.  People want to believe cops.  We don’t want to think that these people we are entrusting with our lives are abusing that trust.  Even minority segments of our population want to believe we can trust officers but unfortunately they know better.

Officers have used harassment and intimidation against individuals who try to report their fellow officers’ poor behavior.  The video shows a sampling of some of that harassment.  I am well aware of it because many years ago I had cause to file a complaint and though I didn’t face the aggression that these people did, the officers did blow me off and wouldn’t even take a report.  It’s time for change.  It’s time that we stop the automatic assumption that officers will do the right thing.  It’s the rare organization that does a good job of self-policing.  We are going to have to force agencies to do something about their policies, procedures and problem officers.

For those of you who say, that was just a small subset of individuals, that it doesn’t happen that much, you are welcome to watch the much longer version of the video, below.

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