Ex-Police Officer Arrested on 8 Counts of Sexual Assault of a Child

photo of ex-officer Bryan Gibbins
ex-Officer Bryan Gibbins

Denton County Texas

An ex-Lewisville police officer, Bryan Preston Gibbins, was arrested on eight counts of sexual assault of a child. Gibbins, who was with the Lewsiville Police Department for over 12 years, investigated sexual abuse allegations in the crimes against children unit.

He was fired in July of 2019 but the the police department won’t say why, they just say it was regarding an off-duty incident in which he violated policy and lied to investigators. However, it is more than likely the firing was the result of an incident with the 15-year old minor. Around that same time the minor says she became upset with Gibbins while at his apartment and began screaming. Neighbors called police who came and escorted the girl home. More than likely this incident kicked off the investigation.

Facts of the Case

Gibbins met the minor in January of 2019 while working a sexual assault case in which she had been the victim. This predator obviously recognized a vulnerable young woman and moved on her fast. On March 30, they decided to become “exclusive”. Gibbins left his wife and rented an apartment in the same complex as the minor. He then struck up a friendship with her parents, so much so that he even went on vacations with them. Gibbins kept the young woman off-balance, as many abusers do, sometimes buying her expensive gifts and talking about what they would name their children and at other times putting a gun to her head and telling her he would kill her if she left him or told anyone about their relationship.

Even before Gibbins left his wife, they were exchanging nude photos. Gibbins would take the minor to school in his police car and on several occasions had her perform sex acts on him before she went to her classes.

Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Child

The DallasNews.com article doesn’t say anyone reported the abuse or that the minor made an outcry which adds to my belief that the off-duty event that led to Gibbins being fired, was about the incident when the police were called to his apartment. The minor says she was in a relationship with Gibbins until January 9, 2020. The Lewisville Police Department turned the investigation over to the Denton County Sheriff’s Office. This is not unusual, especially with small departments, to avoid any claims of bias.

I’m not sure what took so long. They left this sick man abusing this young woman for many more months but Gibbins was finally arrested yesterday. He was booked into the Denton County jail on eight counts of sexual assault of a child with a bond amount of $500,000 for each charge. He is still in the Denton County Jail in lieu of posting his 4 million dollar bond.

More Twists to this Story

Bryan Gibbins was one of the officers who investigated the sexual abuse case that became an 8-part series called, The Girl in the Closet, that was published by The Dallas Morning News. It’s unknown if Gibbins’ own sexual abuse arrest, as one of the investigating officers, could give the defense in the Kavanaugh case something to contest. Time will tell. I highly recommend the Dallas News article (link above) for more details on this story and for a link to the story on the Kavanaugh case.

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